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    Kpop Review #51: Mirae

    Mirae (Korean: 미래소년; stylized in all caps), is a South Korean boy band formed in 2021 under DSP Media. The group consists of seven members: Lien, Lee Jun-hyuk, Yoo Dou-hyun, Khael, Son Dong-pyo, Park Si-young and Jang Yu-bin. The group debuted on March 17, 2021, with the release of their first extended play (EP), Killa.

    The group is named MIRAE, which means “future.” In Korean, 미래소년 means “Future Boys.” The logo incorporates the Korean characters that make up the group’s name. The name of the group was inspired by their goals of pursuing a new future of K-pop, “Future Boys” means it’s a name fitting for a group who will represent and lead the new future of K-Pop. The 4 consonants, ㅁㄹㅅㄴ, of their group name in korean designed in a perfect hexagon.

    From 2021:
    At midnight on February 1, 2021, DSP N announced through their fancafe that they would be known as MIRAE. An official logo motion video was released at the same time, along with the opening of their official SNS accounts. On February 22, DSP Media announced the group were set to debut. On February 2, Park Si Young was introduced as the group’s first member, followed by Lee Jun Hyuk on the 3rd, Lien on the 4th, Son Dong Pyo on the 5th, Jang Yu Bin on the 6th, Khael on the 7th and Yoo Do Hyun on the 8th. A group profile film was released on the 9th. On March 17, they released their first extended play Killa. The following day the group made their debut stage on Mnet’s M Countdown. Their debut music video gained more than 10 million views, and the EP sold more than 26,000 copies within the first week of the group’s debut, earning them the moniker “2021 Super Rookies”. On August 25, they released their second extended play Splash.

    From 2022:
    On January 12, they released their third extended play Marvelous. On September 28, they released their fourth extended play Ourturn. For the profiles of the Mirae individual members click here. It also shows the social media that they’re in.

    Overall Thoughts:
    I don’t know much of them only that they’re under rated. I checked out their Youtube channel and it’s fun that they did a cover of TXT’s song called “Magic”. They have four mini albums and they got nominated for a bunch of awards but haven’t won anything yet except for two awards won according to their Wikipedia page. I wanna ask what you think of them but you probably never heard of them before. At this point I’m just picking whoever to review.

    Mirae did other song covers from other groups if interested in looking at them:
    TXT’s Magic, NCT 127’s Cherry Bomb, Kard’s Dance Medley, NCT 127’s Touch, BTS’s Butter, Taemin’s Criminal, NCT 127’s Favourite (Vampire), Ateez’s Dejavu And Seventeen’s Left & Right

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    Hello World

    Hi people of the internet. How you’ve all been doing lately? I’m sorry I haven’t added anything else for the past five days I just don’t like it that I’m getting too many views on the anime and kpop reviews but not enough comments. It’s the reason why I didn’t want to add anything else to the site. What’s the point of trying if people are just going to look at them and not leave their input on the reviews section if they have something to say.

    Like I said on two of the pages I don’t care at all if the comments are short as long something is there that I can read through, as if people are that scared to even comment. What’s the point of having a comment page if people aren’t going to comment that’s why I took it down from before. What’s the point of trying if no one else doesn’t want you too? I don’t mind if you email me your comments.

    I just want to know what other people think of the reviews that’s why I chose to add them instead of the normal blogging by itself. There haven’t been much going on outside of the internet just been working on my written stories and reading this series by Brenda Davies. The book is vampire themed in case whoever wants to try reading it too. If interested you can check out the author’s website here.

    I want to continue doing the reviews but it’s not worth it at all if people are just going to look at them. Is it too much to ask on leaving your input? I just wanna know what you think of the reviews! Nothing else I wanna add so bye for now until next entry or if I’m ever going to do them any more guess I’ll think about it.

    Enjoy the featured watch called Shut Up by Simple Plan. One of the non kpop songs I like to listen to.

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