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    Sort of A Rant

    Hi people of the internet! How you’ve all been doing lately? The weather here have started to cool down with the almost winter season weather. In the mornings it feels cool and not a lot of humidity around but the sun still let’s itself out. There’s this site I saw and from what I’ve seen the owner there doesn’t like anime or kpop at all. It stinks when not many people doesn’t have similar interests as you, the person turned me down from trying to be affies because I have those on my site but they accepted another site that’s dolls content and they’re similar to looking like cartoons and not anything else that isn’t anime or kpop. It bothers me when people are that picky online. I saw their stupid criteria too! I even asked once before to be affies thinking a new site wouldn’t mind but my site doesn’t fit into their interests and they turned down someone else after changing their mind from what I saw probably for the same reason too. Blah their site criteria. Don’t manage a site then if you’re going to be that super picky about who wants to ask on being affiliates with you. It shouldn’t matter if they have the same interests as you or not. It shouldnt be that bothersome to let others be affies if they just ask and not by what their interests are.

    There haven’t been much going on with me just trying my best to staying alive as long as I possibly can or try to I guess sometimes it’s hard but other times it’s not that hard. Enduring life is a little lonely at times but I’m holding on the best I can. I’ve always enjoyed anime since I started watching it from my middle school days, I got into it and it stinks even more that no one else isn’t interested in it at all or people loose interest in watching anime but I still like it even though I don’t watch it much. As they’re still enjoyable to me. What’s the point of anime existing to other people if they’re just gonna loose interest from it later on. Maybe I should do something else for the site but right now I don’t know what other people even like in the community if it’s not kpop or anime. What else can I review other than tv shows or movies? I like the reviews a lot that I’ve been typing up lately but it’s not worth it if people are just going to disapprove of what they see because whatever people see isn’t going to fit into their site criteria. We should be able to accept whoever that asks without these criterias getting in the way. If I had other ideas that I could try, if people are that picky online but maybe giving up is for the best or a couple days of a short hiatus break. Bye for now.

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    Kpop Bopping

    Hello there people of the internet. How’s it going? I had an okay Labor Day weekend. I had a kpop listening party by myself. It could’ve been with other people but it was just with my three pets. Kcon LA 2022 had their music event so I’ve been watching the performances from Stray Kids, Ateez, Enhypen and NCT Dream. It wasn’t like an actual party but it just felt like one of bopping along and enjoying the performances as they’re obviously my favorite groups. I definitely enjoyed Ateez’s performance to “Wonderland” since that was the only song I was familiar with and one of the songs I had on repeat. I liked all the songs that Stray Kids, NCT Dream and Enhypen sung too for their performance set. If you search “kcon la 2022” into YouTube you should be able to bop along too and if you’re a fan you can just watch along too.

    The other groups were there also at Kcon but I’m not familiar at all with them so I just only watched the four that I like. I’m just glad they were full performance and not fancams. I even discovered a new soloist and I’ve been bopping along to his song called “BTBT” and listening to it on repeat since two days ago. The awesome soloist is called B.I. Wikipedia explains about him better me than me having to summarize his info so just read what it says on their page. He’s not new new but he is to me since I’ve never heard of him before since two days ago. have his info on there too that might be different from Wikipedia. He debuted as a solo artist in 2021 and left iKon in 2019. I’ll try and listen to his other songs too. I’m sad he doesn’t have a lot of stage performances yet to watch through. Hopefully more will be uploaded to YouTube.

    I thought I’d try to blog some and let you know what I discovered also Stray Kids is gonna make a comeback too. I saw their Maxident trailer and it looked good from what I saw. I wonder what their songs are going to sound like even the visuals for their videos. Any other STAYs excited too? I saw in an article there’s going to be Kcon Japan 2022 in October. Ateez and TXT is going to be there to perform. It’ll be exciting to see what songs they’ll perform. It’s fun in general to see when my idols perform. Sadly where I am I’ve never ever seen any type of concert set here before as they’re always in other states that isn’t here. Have you guys been to concerts before? What was it like when you went? Bye for now until next entry.

    Featured Watch ❤️ B.I’s performance film of BTBT and the music video 😎

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