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    Favorite Anime #2: Yashahime: Half Demon Princesses

    Ten years after the events of Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Rin’s daughter Towa is separated from her twin sister Setsuna, and gets stranded in the modern era, where she is adopted into the family of her father’s sister-in-law, Kagome Higurashi, raised by Kagome’s younger brother Sōta and his warmhearted wife Moe. Towa becomes close to her younger adopted sister, six-year-old Mei, who is Towa’s “substitute” for Setsuna. Ten years later, Towa is reunited with Setsuna, when she leaves the modern era through the vast time-traveling power of the mystical Sacred Tree of Ages.

    During their separation, Setsuna became one of the demon-slayers working with Kohaku and does not remember her past, as the mythical Dream Butterfly stole her dreams and memories. In order to restore them, the half-demon twins embark on an adventure, alongside their quarter-demon bounty hunter cousin Moroha, the fourteen-year-old daughter of Kagome and Inuyasha, who lacks knowledge of her parents; except that her human mother is an uppermost-level priestess and that her equally impulsive father is a dog-demon/human hybrid.
    Source: Wikipedia

    Inuyasha have always been one of my favorite anime since it aired on tv. It’s cool to see that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru have their own family to take care of together. I didn’t think Sesshoumaru cared for anyone. He always seems stoic and quiet around other people but I guess over time he grew to like Rin. The once little kid he saved from the pack of wolves. Then from there she followed him around during the adventures. I like Inuyasha’s connection to Kagome since their episodes together in The Final Act of the series. The genre for this series is adventure and fantasy. You should check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

    Overall my weekend was okay just did random hobbies here and there so I wouldn’t feel bored throughout the day other than doing chores. The hot weather still the same I’m hoping it’ll rain again since it helps cool down the heat. Have you all been doing okay too? All for now until next time.

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  • attempted anime reviews

    Favorite Anime: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

    Hi there people of the internet! Hope you’re all doing well out there today. I’ve been trying to multi task today between my three hobbies or trying to at least but it’s mostly been one hobby at a time. I haven’t had any interest in watching any of the newer anime series or they don’t fit into the genres I like so I haven’t tried to watch them maybe some day I will but for right now I don’t want to plus I sometimes get indecisive too. I thought I would try and make a “favorites anime” entry like I’ve done with the kpop entries so far but change it up to the favorite animes I like and see how well it does on here. If it does well I can switch around between the two.

    One of my favorite animes is called Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. The plot follows how Sakura, the princess of the Kingdom of Clow, loses all her memories and how Syaoran, a young archaeologist who is her childhood friend, goes on arduous adventures to save her, with two other companions. The Dimensional Witch Yūko Ichihara instructs him to go with two people, Kurogane and Fai D. Flowright. They search for Sakura’s memories, which were scattered in various worlds in the form of angelic-like feathers, as retrieving them will help save her very being. Source: Wikipedia

    I like the character pairing between Sakura and Syaoran. I like how well the storyline is written between Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Xxxholic. I like how the storylines interconnect with each other. The illustrations and artwork in the anime is pretty. It’s enjoyable to watch so go check it out if you’ve never seen it before. There’s nothing else I wanna say about the anime that I can think of to add. You’ll just have to check it out and see if you’ll like it or not. There’s no weekend plans just the usual chores and whatever else that I can think of to do. Have a good weekend.

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