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    Not Much Going On

    Hello there people of the internet. Hope you’re doing okay out there. I’m hanging in there the best I can or try to be cheery but it’s hard also I just wish the weather wasn’t so hot. Go away summer weather! The ceiling fan makes noises and it’s pretty old. The window ac in the room I’m in leaks and this other ac machine thing that can either blows air or water like a mist effect, doesn’t work when it makes noises for the turning mechanism inside. The plug in to the wall fans don’t blow out air fast enough. I’ll try to fix them if possible but not sure how that would work out though. I think the plug in fan just needs a deep cleaning from the dust. It should be fine after that I think or at least try to get them to work some how.

    My forehead is breaking out with the texture feeling weird and I dunno where it’s coming from maybe it’s the weather if it’s that. I’m not sure but I don’t like how it feels. When I press down and rub on it it hurts. Wish I could show you but with my skin color you might not see it but it’s there above my eye brows and up to my hairline. I just use soap and water to wash my face. How do you guys get your skin to stay smooth and pimple free? My hair bothers me also the strands aren’t even and I’m not exactly sure but I think I have pimples on my scalp too. My skin acts up wonky during the summer season it gets greasy of sweat and the winter season my face gets dry. What products do people use to make your skin clear?

    I was enjoying the favorite kpop and anime entries but I won’t do them any more unless I need to since some people out there I’m not typing them up correctly to them. They’re only just meant to be entries to me not solo reviews that’s why I add how I’m doing towards the end of them so the entries aren’t too short when my opinions for them when I don’t know what to add that’s relevant to the anime or kpop. I’ve never done reviews before and if I knew how to make them into longer entries then I would. So I’m sorry if they’re not to your expectation. People make entries differently when it comes to those kinds of posts so it’s done by their preference, so the layout isn’t the same. I only went by what someone suggested I try. I didn’t think there were even rules for entries like that. If I get bored or nothing to talk about I will continue to make those favorite kpop/anime entries and so what if I add non relevant topics to the entry then that’s your problem not my. I’m gonna end it here so bye!