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    Hi! Hope you’re doing okay out there internet people. As for me guess I’m doing okay. I’m feeling moody sad right now because no one haven’t bothered at all to reply back to any of the messages I’ve tried to send them. They probably reply back to anyone else except for me. I never liked getting left out like that. It bothers me very much and I don’t like it at all even sometimes emails are the same way too. Since I rarely receive comments I took out the comment box it’s not worth it any more if I’m just getting a bunch of page views instead. Don’t think I’ll ever be okay about that. It always bother me and I just wish people weren’t like that maybe they were born that way towards the low level people. I don’t know how to make decent comments that’s relevant to other people’s posts. I’m not super smart like everyone else 😭 I wasn’t born super smart like how people expect me to always be online.

    I rewatched Vampire Knight last night it’s enjoyable to watch that anime if you like the vampire genre. If you’re ever new into watching anime I recommend you checking it out or if you’ve never seen it before because you might like it. I guess it depends on your preference too. Check out the attempted review post of the anime if you want or whatever guess you don’t have to. Someone said they’re fun to read and I thought other people would enjoy them too, they’re not much just the summary from Wikipedia and my opinion of the anime towards the bottom of the entry and a picture. I try to make the opinion section more than one sentence long and try to come up as much to say about the anime. The animes picked so far I’ve always enjoyed watching them as there’s nothing at all that I dislike about them. I genuinely like the ones I’ve picked so far. Same as the kpop attempted reviews too.

    I’m glad the winter weather will be here soon. I’ve always preferred the cold weather so the mosquitos aren’t always bothering me when I’m outside and more time to walk around and play with my dog since he’s part husky he needs the exercise to burn his energy out, if not he’ll get hyper. With how warm it gets during the day he’s not super hyper like before hopefully that’ll change when winter comes. My pets are my friends as they listen sometimes to me, they don’t judge me and they don’t talk back. I thought having online friends would fill up the empty void since I never had any true friends outside of the internet. I was less social scared what anyone thought of me and I still get that same feeling around internet people despite the screen in front of us. People scare me ☹️ The household is strict so I can’t do much unless it’s doing chores, getting groceries or doing yard work outside.

    During the relaxing moments to myself I’m on my iPad hence why you see me on here. I can’t work because they think I’m slow and not smart so I’ve never tried to apply for a job. If I was the opposite I would probably try but I’m not smart enough to anyone here. The household gets stimulus checks every month as they use it for groceries and bills, any amount left over they use it to get what they want. I get high blood pressure which is my health issue but lately I haven’t had that many headaches and I sometimes get them when my period comes. I just wanna be less moody but it’s some of the people’s fault online for making me feel these emotions. They’re the ones always carrying pitch forks and I’m frankenstein to them. That’s why they’re hostile like those people carrying pitch forks and torch lights. That’s how I imagine the internet people to look like. Bye for now until next entry.