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    Favorite Anime #4: Diabolik Lovers

    The main heroine, Yui Komori, was just a normal teenage girl in high school until her father, a priest, went to travel overseas for work. As a result, Yui is sent to a new town and arrives alone at a mansion where she was told will be her new home. At the mansion, no one greets her; however, the door swings open on its own accord. As she explores the area to find someone to escort her in, Yui then enters to find herself all alone, but before she does, she finds a handsome young man sleeping with no heartbeat on a couch. To her shock, he awakens, and five other young men gradually appear. Yui soon notices something different about all of them: she discovers that all six of them are brothers, but by three different mothers, and that they were all vampires from the very beginning.

    After living with the Sakamakis for a month, Yui starts to have strange dreams and apparitions regarding a mysterious “Eve”. One night, on their way to school, the brothers and Yui get involved in an unexplainable fiery car crash. The next day, four vampire brothers come to the house and kidnap her. What will happen with the Sakamakis? Will she come back?

    What I think of the anime:
    The gameplay series is developed by Rejet and published by Idea Factory. The genre is visual novel. There are twelve episodes and the second part is called Diabolik Lovers: More Blood plus the ova for the anime. I’ve always enjoyed vampire themed animes. I don’t think I ever would get tired of them. My favorite male character is definitely Subaru Sakamaki 💕

    I like how good he looks in the anime from his unique hair and eyes. I like his personality with his angry outbursts and moments where he doesn’t say much. I don’t know much else of the game version of the anime or how well the game plays but it looks like a game I would enjoy playing from the animation and artwork put into the game. The artists did a good job on it from the gameplay clips I saw on youtube. My other favorite character is Ayato Sakamaki he wanted to have Yui to himself in a way of protecting her. Overall I like them all at the same time with the six vampires plus the four other vampires in season two of the anime, it’s good to know its vampire themed. If you like vampire themed animes then go check it out maybe someone out there might like it only if it interests you at all. This is it for now of the attempted review until the next one.