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    Who Are You?

    Hi internet people. How are you? The week so far have been doing okay just that nothing much haven’t changed though, just doing my best to survive. I posted twice on the 9th but I was getting too many page views on one of them so I took one of them down. All I wanted was to know who Quiet Place Design is since I’ve been getting comments called by that name. The post even had me asking how the person was doing or if they’ve been doing okay or not. Since the person never leaves any way for me to contact them back. I made that post entry just for them thinking they would be able to see it. I don’t even know the person’s location only went by what the IP address told me and when I kept checking it said Frankfurt, Germany. The person whoever you are I just want to know a way to contact you back since you don’t have a website or email. That was what the post was about on the 9th then I saw I had already posted once on the 9th with my attempted review. Other people probably saw it and it started to make me feel uncomfortable with it getting so many page views than my other entries.

    I have my next attempted review typed up but I need to add more of what I think of it. It’s a nice anime since I watched it twice but not a fan of it. Also I need to readjust my other entries. Blogging is nice it keeps me occupied if I’m not doing anything else. I readded the comment box back in so people have the option to comment on anything if they ever wanted to even though I don’t mind comments being left in the post entries too so either one is okay. Comments are always moderated which means I read them first before other people can see them. Anyways, are you doing okay also? Thank you Quiet Place Design for the previous comments that you had left. Still wish I knew your name. I guess it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me and I’ll try to understand that it’s your choice. If Quiet Place Design is gonna be your sitename I’ll just call you by your site name instead. If you see any of this just wanted to say hi back to you and wish I can contact you too. This is all for now since there’s nothing else I wanna say.