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    Favorite Anime #6: Devils Line

    Devils Line focuses around the lives of Anzai and Taira. The world they live in consists of humans and devils trying to live together. Taira, a human girl, is saved by Anzai, a devil working for the police force, from being attacked. Anzai refuses to drink blood and wants to use his devil strength for good. Anzai keeps watch over Taira and saves her on multiple occasions. The two hit it off together, but the struggle of a human devil relationship is not fully accepted. Each episode continues to get more and more dangerous for Taira and Anzai as they deal with snipers, spies, and the blood-lust devils. It was written and illustrated by Ryo Hanada. It aired spring season of 2018. The genres are action, drama, romance and supernatural. The theme is obviously vampires.

    What I think of the anime:
    I’ve watched it more than once as I definitely enjoyed it because who wouldn’t if you’re a vampire themed fan like me. The storyline and artwork was well put together. I like the two main characters as they try to spend time together and trying to make the relationship work between them. I like the dark elements within the anime too. This is all I can think of to say for this portion of the entry. If you’re interested here’s the anime trailer that you can check out.

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