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    Ateez Listening Party

    For the Atiny fans out there that feels like partying. Just something you guys can listen to. Or bop along to someone else if you don’t feel like listen to Ateez. It doesn’t matter who you listen to as long you enjoy it. I enjoy listening to Ateez not tired of listening to their songs yet. I wonder if anyone have a favorite song or you could recommend a song you like and I’ll give it a listen. Right now I just have two favorites, I’m trying to listen to the others but I keep going back to Wonderland and Fireworks (I’m The One). Enjoy the rest of the week Atinys and stay cool if you’re in a warm climate.

    I don’t have much to blog about that’s not anything new and I kind of want to take a break from the attempted reviews. I’ll probably type up the new attempted review tonight and it’ll be posted when I wake up or after its typed up. I’ll eventually upload my old practice designs. I know I mentioned it before but I just don’t want people to nag because I can’t remember the exact resources I had used to make them. People always complained at me because I didn’t credit every little thing that I had used before. If I upload them people will react the same way like that again and I don’t want see it. If it’s something you wanna see then I might consider it. Until next post bye for now.

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