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    Old Practice Designs

    Hi people of the internet. How’s it going? Here are the old practice designs that I mentioned that I had made but don’t remember at all of the resources I had used so it’s all unknown. So please don’t nag that I don’t remember the resources I had used. I don’t even remember if it was Photopea or the Pixlr app I had used to make these with. They just feature various anime characters. I don’t know who all of them are though but overall the designs look okay. For a full view of these just click on the thumbnail. If anyone even wonders these are 800×300 in size. Maybe in the far future I can work on new designs as practice but with my iPad not compatible to any of the apps I might not be able to. I’m not sure yet just wait and see what happens.

    On the sitely portion of the site I was trying to fix the WordPress calendar because it kept placing this entry on the 19th instead of the 18th which is still today when it’s not even midnight yet. And I added featured images to my pages hence why the site looks like there’s a lot more on here. I also added some more text to some of the pages too. I like this theme, there’s a feature on here where you can make it dark or light. It’s a pretty fun theme. I was trying to move the meta code so it’s under the post titles but I can’t seem to figure it out maybe some other day I can refigure it out again. I tried to readjust the coding but I gave up not wanting to mess up the theme. Anyways, all for now until next entry. Have a good night everyone 😎