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    Hello people of the internet! How’s it going? There haven’t been anything new going on with me just surviving life as best I can but its still hard. Hope you’re enjoying the attempted reviews on here between the anime and kpop groups I like. I will continue to typing them up when I don’t have anything different to talk about on here only that I’m alive for now. If there’s a certain anime or kpop group that you would like me to try to leave a review for then I can try that also. It’s just an idea. Since we all like different animes and kpop then it’s probably not gonna work anyways. I’m open to topic suggestions other than reviews. The comment box open you can leave your suggestions there.

    One of my affies disappeared with her site suspended from what I saw since I kept checking thinking it was temporary. I have no clue if it’s gonna come back or not. The same thing happened to her past two sites Astrid and Sealush they never came back. Hopefully she’ll be okay I guess something must’ve happened. I searched if her domain expired but Milkiee doesn’t expire until 2023 from what I saw on this site that let’s me know who owns the site or at least where it was registered at. Where ever you are stay safe Nicole. All I know is that she’s from the U.K and that’s about it. Hope she’ll come back I enjoyed the content that she had up on her site.

    My weekend was alright didn’t do much other than chores and playing with the pets plus taking care of them at the same time. The VMAs came on tv and I got to watch BlackPink perform their new song “Pink Venom.” What do you guys think of their song? It’s a bop in my opinion that you can vibe along to. If you haven’t heard of it yet then you can check it out on YouTube. Just type BlackPink Pink Venom and it’s on the search list. I enjoyed their music video for the song too. I read they’ll be going on tour soon. I’m sure they’ll be excited for that even the Blinks out there. Stray Kids finished their tour and I’ve seen people upload their performances from it on YouTube. Anyways all for now until next entry.