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Favorite Kpop #2: NCT

Hi people of the internet! How’s it going? Hope you’ve all been doing okay. As for me I’ve been doing okay or trying to be okay as I possibly can. Not much have been going on lately only just trying to survive. It’s nice to see the site world community being quiet again so less people to throw negative comments at me. I wish it wasn’t this quiet though but not much I can do and just wait it out until they have some spare time to come online again. I should be okay with the silence less people to be hurtful towards me and rant if I wanted to. I’ll just have to get used to it.

For today’s entry I thought I’d talk about my second favorite Kpop group which is NCT so I thought I’d tell you who they are in case you don’t know who they are or if you’re new to listening to Kpop music and some of my favorite songs from the four units. As a whole there’s twenty three members from Korea under the label SM Entertainment. They’re formed with four subunits: NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U and WayV. Two of the units rotates around their members while the other is just a fixed group of nine members in it.

They’re all unique in their own way when they sing, rap and dance to their songs. My favorite songs from each unit.

Take Off
Kick Back
Turn Back Time
Bad Alive
Action Figure
Low Low

Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
90s Love
Universe (Let’s Play Ball)
Work It
Baby Don’t Stop

NCT Dream
Glitch Mode
Hot Sauce

NCT 127
Favourite (Vampire)
Gimme Gimme
Kick It
Cherry Bomb
Highway to Heaven

That’s all the NCT songs that I like to listen to. You’re welcome to listen to them also. Just copy and paste the url in your web browser and you’ll get to vibe along to the music video. I like the outfits that they wear in their music videos too. It’s cool that they’re creative with their style. Let me know if you’re a fan and we could fan girl together over them. My bias for NCT is Lucas, Ten, YangYang, Taeyong, Johnny and Xiaojun. Have a good rest of the week. Stay cool from the warm weather.

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  • Quietplacedesign

    People who are hurting you are the ones who are ignoring you because they don’t want to do anything with you. They have a right to be in the siteworld just as much as you and keep talking about them isn’t gonna help you.

    They ain’t hurting you now, they may have been in past but you also have a past with them so both parties are at fault.

    They don’t care about you being in the siteworld anymore and you shouldn’t care about them, just focus on your internet friends who do care about you and leave the rest alone since they leave you alone.

    For postive thing: your blogging has improved with talking about kpop idols you like.

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