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Hello there. How are you? It’s not an exciting starting sentence but it’s all I can think of to say. For this entry I thought I’d blog about the fictional storylines that four of the Kpop groups have interconnecting stories together. Two youtubers I enjoy watching makes theories on these stories and it’s cool to see what their viewers think on their content. My favorite one that I’ve seen is based on the book called Demien by Hermann Hesse. It’s part of BTSs storyline from their Wings era. This link here shows her explaination on it. I would talk about it further but I’m not any good at explaining stuff from my point of view. It might not make sense to other people. I like that concept from that part of the storyline though.

Have anyone seen BTSs video “Yet to Come” yet? It’s one of my favorite songs since they released the video. The music video shows a recap of their past MVs and their were a lot of Spring Day references too. Click here to check it out. Xceleste and Laina Sunflower does awesome theories on the storylines even the different explained videos to the groups that’s part of Hybe Entertainment. Who’s your favorite group if you have a favorite. My is obviously BTS but I have many other favorites like Seventeen, Stray Kids and many others. There’s probably not a lot of Kpop fans in the community but it’s okay we all like different things and there’s nothing wrong of that. I don’t have much else I wanna add but have a good day and a good weekend.

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