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Hi people of the internet. How’s it going? Hope you’re doing well. I’m not sure what to blog about any more that won’t sound repetitive or boring to other people. What do other bloggers out there blog about anyways? We’re all different life wise so I’m not sure what I can talk about. Right now I’m just sulking because I left some messages in a few cboxes and they haven’t bothered to reply back to me yet but I see them leaving comments in someone else’s cbox instead as if they’re ignoring me which is what it always feels like and I don’t like it at all 😭 All I did was even ask if they either wanted to be affies with me or exchange links.

This person I used to know used to put together long affie lists and sometimes half her list don’t have working links as they’re not active or links broken from what I saw before. It just seems wasteful to have so many all at the same time and not bother to check if the links are active or not. I know it’s her site and stuff but at least check so when other people look the links are active, why bother having a site if she’s gonna be busy often. It’s just something she’s done that’s bothered me from before. Why can’t she just make one big site like Celestial Star and have resources and designs together and not separate sites for whatever she wanna make.

There’s someone else I used to know who did the exact same thing but it never bothered me that much when she did it with her sites where she would separate her anime graphics and resources on one site. Then celebrity graphics and resources on another site. She used to be my favorite designer but I don’t think she’s even active any more in the community but she’s probably active still on her social media sites. I don’t know exactly but that’s just my guess. The entry at this point probably sounds like ranting but I don’t care unless you have something else I can talk about that doesn’t like ranting. If I don’t have anything exciting to blog about then I’ll rant. I’m sure other bloggers have done it too so it’s not just me.

It’s almost 9am here and another rainy day since it’s cloudy outside the window right now. I don’t have any weekend plans other than chores like usual since my chores doesn’t change. I’m not sure what I wanna do and cause of personal reasons I can’t do much else unless it’s an emergency. I won’t talk about it because I’ll just get thrown negative reactions from someone else and I don’t want to know what they think cause it’ll be hurtful towards me. I rewatched Tsubasa Chronicles yesterday and I enjoyed it but haven’t finished rewatching the other episodes yet. I like Sakura’s connection to Syaoran they’re cute together. I like how Clamp made the storyline connection between Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles and Xxxholic. I watched Clear Card version of CCS and that was fun too 💕 All for now until next time.

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