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    Favorite Anime #7: Kamisama Hajimemashita

    Summary Plot:
    Nanami Momozono dreams of living an average school life just like any other high school girl does. Instead, she must cope with the fact that her father, who is a constant gambler, has accumulated a bunch of gambling debts in her name. As she can’t afford to pay the rent, she gets kicked out of her apartment by the debt collectors and is now homeless. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, she still maintains a kind heart. While sitting on a park bench collecting her thoughts, Nanami meets a strange man hanging from a tree because he is being chased by a dog. After saving him from the dog, she learns that the man’s name is Mikage. Upon learning about Nanami’s current situation, in a perfect example of how good deeds are rewarded, he gives her his home as a token of his gratitude. She accepts the offer because she is homeless.

    When Nanami arrives at Mikage’s home, she is shocked to see that it is not a normal home but a shrine for worship. After being greeted by Onikiri and Kotetsu, who are the keepers of the shrine, she meets Tomoe, Mikage’s familiar, and she learns that Mikage used to be the Earth Deity of the shrine and has bestowed upon her his mark on her forehead so that she may be the new deity. At first, Nanami is reluctant, but as she lives with Tomoe, Onikiri, and Kotetsu she begins to understand and works hard in her new position as the Earth Deity. As the story progresses Nanami finds herself falling in love with Tomoe, but he rejects her because the love between a human and a yokai is taboo. Despite saying that, Tomoe finds himself falling in love with her too. There are 25 episodes and 2 OVAs. If interested go check it out.

    What I think of the anime:
    To me it’s an alright anime to watch. I’d give it eight stars out of ten. The opening theme of it was a little odd but regardless it was nice, the opening theme to the second season was good. I didn’t think the narration was nesscary but it’s there if you like narrated animes. Other than that I liked the culture scenery of the temple shrine since it reminded me a lot of the anime called Inuyasha where a human meets youkai and overtime their relationship grows. The concept reminds me of that in this anime. The genre is comedy, drama, romance and supernatural. If you’re into any of those genres then you might enjoy watching the anime. There’s also a manga version too that I saw pictures of, if you’re not an anime watcher then you can try to read the manga. I don’t think there’s a difference other than manga is in book form and the anime is on a device screen.

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    Stationery Wishlist

    Hi people of the Internet. It’s Friday! How’s it going? Are you excited for the weekend? Ever since being a kid I’ve always enjoyed writing stories. It’s always been one of my hobbies that I enjoyed to do. I can use my imagination when I write and it’s something I never get tired of doing. I used to share my stories but with the people hostile towards me I just didn’t want to show any one because I know they’ll just throw their negative words to me. I just do the story writing as a hobby thinking people wouldn’t mind reading them but it never worked out like how I wanted it to. Ever since then I just kept my stories to myself. After a certain amount of chapters that would seem like a book thickness wise I would throw my stories away and write new stories with the same genre in it. I don’t know what book genres that people even likes to read or even know if anyone else even likes to read or not. There’s probably not many that doesn’t like to read at all. If no one likes to read a novel or even a fanfiction then that’s their problem.

    With the different life styles that other people have out there I guess it doesn’t allow other people to read even if it’s for fun. They’re missing out on the fun on running loose with their imagination. Ever since watching those stationery videos it makes me less cheery because I never had any of fun writing tools that I could use for my story writing. When I was a kid in school I was always the one left out from anything fun when the other students would exchange conversations with each other. I never had any true friends outside of the internet because the hostile bullying never left me alone. I kept to myself and tried to hide. The internet people acts the same way as they did. Anyways, I just wish I had fun writing tools for myself that I could use for the story writing instead of the basic Bic pens. Some items that I would like to try and use hopefully before I get too wrinkly to hold a pen. What’s your stationery collection look like?

    Items I would like to try to use before I die:
    (1) Uniball Jetstream
    (2) Zebra BLen
    (3) Zebra Sarasa Push Clips gel pens
    (4) Uniball Signo DX
    (5) Pentel Energel RTX
    (6) Uniball Jetstream Alpha Gel
    (7) Pilot Juice Gel Pen
    (8) Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pen
    (9) Zebra Delguard Mechanical Pencil
    (10) Uniball Kuru Toga Alpha Gel

    Have anyone tried these before if they’re already in your collection? What is it like when you use them? If I could experience it for myself then I wouldn’t be asking that. Not much else I wanna say in the post so bye.